Free Placemats for Restaurant Owners

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Adsrus, the placemat people's full color placemats are completely free, because the advertising around the border pays for the mat - just like when someone advertises in the local shopper. The shopper is free to readers: The advertiser sponsors it!

Your placemat will boldly feature your restaurants name in the center spot assuring you increased name recognition among your customers. Our friendly account representatives will offer remaining advertising space to non-competing local businesses. The placemat program is a proven method of connecting your fine restaurant with merchants and patrons in the local community.

You even have an opportunity to use the back for games, promos, coupons, or history of your restaurant for a reduced price.

We have full color printing, always on white paper. The basic "run" is of 5,000 mats. We can provide laminated mats also - just ask!!

You can feature anything you want in your space: lunch specials, coupons, a picture of your restaurant, or simply your logo. The space is yours. It's great free restaurant advertising for you.

This is a "No Catch" program! We only want the restaurants to make sure the placemats are being used in their entirety because your local businesses who advertise are good customers and pay for the privilege to be seen at your establishment!